Denny Neagle will creep on your girlfriend

Remember Denny Neagle? Well here is a Denny Neagle story for you.

So the other night we facebook friend Denny Neagle, just because. He did throw parts of two seasons for our favorite big league team. Then he was traded to the Yankees and things went downhill, but it is a moot point.

Our girlfriend calls the next morning and asks “Who is Denny Neagle?”

Immediately we are thinking that this cannot be good. We ask why she would like to know that. Aparently old Denny boy took the liberty to ‘friend’ her on facebook immediately after we friended him. She noticed that her and Denny’s only mutual friend was us. She didn’t know who the guy was from a random stranger.

So we figured we’d take the liberty to tell her who Denny Neagle was so she could decide if she wanted to be friends with him. So we began.

“He’s a guy who threw a decade or so in the big leagues for the Reds, Yankees, and Braves. Was a decent pitcher for a few years. Then he kind of saw it go by the wayside because of hookers and booze.”

She went ahead and accepted the request. And then Denny boy showed that he’s still up to no good. Next thing we know he is offering up “pokes” to our girlfriend. He doesn’t do that to all of his facebook friends. He didn’t poke us. Denny, we feel left out man. It’s alright though. You’d just think that a guy who signed a $51 million dollar contract a few years ago could do better then poking a ‘fans’ chick on an online social site. I mean dude, go buy yourself some ass. Oh wait you already did that. Bad advice.

This is what we get for facebook friending anyone who has had ties to Major League Baseball.