Denny Neagle will creep on your girlfriend

Remember Denny Neagle? Well here is a Denny Neagle story for you.

So the other night we facebook friend Denny Neagle, just because. He did throw parts of two seasons for our favorite big league team. Then he was traded to the Yankees and things went downhill, but it is a moot point.

Our girlfriend calls the next morning and asks “Who is Denny Neagle?”

Immediately we are thinking that this cannot be good. We ask why she would like to know that. Aparently old Denny boy took the liberty to ‘friend’ her on facebook immediately after we friended him. She noticed that her and Denny’s only mutual friend was us. She didn’t know who the guy was from a random stranger.

So we figured we’d take the liberty to tell her who Denny Neagle was so she could decide if she wanted to be friends with him. So we began.

“He’s a guy who threw a decade or so in the big leagues for the Reds, Yankees, and Braves. Was a decent pitcher for a few years. Then he kind of saw it go by the wayside because of hookers and booze.”

She went ahead and accepted the request. And then Denny boy showed that he’s still up to no good. Next thing we know he is offering up “pokes” to our girlfriend. He doesn’t do that to all of his facebook friends. He didn’t poke us. Denny, we feel left out man. It’s alright though. You’d just think that a guy who signed a $51 million dollar contract a few years ago could do better then poking a ‘fans’ chick on an online social site. I mean dude, go buy yourself some ass. Oh wait you already did that. Bad advice.

This is what we get for facebook friending anyone who has had ties to Major League Baseball.

  • Amazing!!! I love it!

  • Needs more pics of your girlfriend. Also, are we writing like Will Leitch?-Wonderlic

  • jim

    what is it these days where every embarrassing story or video has to be posted to the web. so what if denny neagle did that. so have probably a million other people. and you guys rat him out like a bunch of teenagers (which if you are i’ll be okay with it because teens are immature). but if you’re over the age of 19 then you are just plain and simply a loser.

  • I would question the odds of this being the actual Denny Neagle, but why would anyone pretend to be Denny Neagle?

  • But he’s not a teenager, he’s a retired MLB pitcher. Therein lies the humor…

  • Your girlfriend is probably only 13 anyway

  • What’s the “we”, “our”, and “us” business? Is this a not-so-monogamous relationship?

  • But–but–when you described him to your girlfriend, you omitted his time with the Pirates!Oh. That was intentional.

  • this photo has been photoshopped. That’s a friend of Denny’s from his high school reunion. And it would not look like that anyway on a fb page. But nice try.

  • This is Denny Neagle! First of all u idiot who posted this totally false story, please let me know what your name is so I can delete you from my facebook friends! I do not send requests 2 people I don't know & have never poked anyone! WTF is a poke anways! So stupid! How about having the balls 2 ask me, the real me on my facebook page why I would send request & send out this stupid poke? Oh, that's right, so idiots like you can have your 15 mins somehow!

  • Ah, Denny. Still scouring obscure sports blogs for Neagle-related articles?

  • Like I would waste my time scouring these pathetic sites! What is sad is that I use facebook for important things like trying to put the word out on things that are near & dear to my heart like the Connor Cares foundation which was established by my sister in honor of my 5 yr old nephew who tragically drowned 3 summers ago! But instead, I have 2 worry about people using it 2 promote their own pathetic blog with pathetic false stories! The sad part is you people who thrive on this stuff.

  • Denny, it was just a poke. It’s not like it was a story about bondage and torture. All in good fun man, all in good fun. But it’s also true.

  • Denny, you have a Defamation case if this is in fact not true! Sue the fuckers.. hahaha since you are a public figure, all you would need to show is actual malice, which obviously they are doing it to spite you. You also don’t need to show special damages because the publication was documented! They are putting you in a false light…

  • But Denny can’t be straight , he was on the Yankees !

  • Yeah Mevs, ! word… also, it makes me sad that either A) This guy actually posted these comments to your blog (complete with usage of ‘2’ and ‘u’ instead of ‘to’ and ‘you’), or B) That someone would megatroll this comment board and people like you (and me) would respond as though he was the real deal.Seriously, ! word Mevs

  • was that seriously Denny Neagle?The fact that he actually responded is even funnier than the actual article (which was hilarious)Chill out Denny boy, its just a freakin joke. Go have some fun with all of that money you stole from the Rockies

  • If it wasn’t true, where did that picture come from; Denny? CHOO CHOO!

  • “Our girlfriend”? How many people are sharing this girl who write for this blog? Weird.

  • C’mon you all would have done same thing he did! 😛

  • You should be mad at your girl not denny neagle. If he wasnt a millionaire she would have told him to fuck off when he first added her. Women are always looking for a guy or girl with a better deal. So that,”women only cheat when the relationship has a flaw” is all bullshit. Some women are just whores.

  • I’m not mad at either, bro. But considering the circumstances it made for a funny tale. Mevs 1 or 2, Denny 0

  • ur all a bunch of cold-hearted fuckers! lay the fuck off! i had this sort of shit spread about me (not the same story, but it was bad) adn u know what? i almost committed suicide because. I’M A FUCKIN’ HIGH SCHOOLER! i prolly have less stress than denny neagle. so again, GET THE FUCK OFF HIS CASE

  • Seriously people…. Denny used his facebook account for the good of promoting his sisters foundation, to promote fundraisers and raise awareness for pool safety. It really is a crying shame that anyone would take such a good, sincere thing and tarnish it with a blog of what seems like jealous, immature people. Don’t we all have mistakes in our lives….and who are you to cast stones? The mistakes we make don’t define us, it’s what we do afterwards that does!!!! Why don’t you make a donation to foundation and make a right out of your wrong!!!!

  • Well we all do things that are wrong. Many of us also do good things in life to benefit others. It doesn’t really mean that what happens in between that can’t be discussed. The story posted above is just an event that happened. It’s not the end of the world is it? If it’s no big deal then why are so many making such a large deal of it? He used his facebook account to promote his sisters foundation……..annnnnnnd a few other things on the side.

  • Why don’t you make a donation to foundation and make a right out of your wrong!!!!————–We do Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

  • Sure you do… You are a giant douche, “Mevs”. Denny’s real friends and family know what he’s all about – you are totally clueless. Karma.

    • sonny

      hey you guys don’t know the real dennie neagle. I do he is a real good guy and a good dad who made a few i guess you are not allowed a few mistakes in your life. I do know that if i signed a multi million dollar contract, i would be all over the internet also because of my mistakes.

  • Sure you do… You are a giant douche, “Mevs”. Denny’s real friends and family know what he’s all about – you are totally clueless. Karma.You wanna talk Karma, to me? Karma my ass. Honestly. Karma has already gotten me enough; believe me. You aren’t going to frighten me with the Karma talk. And my ‘real’ friends and family know what I’m all about too. It’s not fast women.

  • Wait, THAT’S your reply? Wow, weak. LOL!

  • Thats the best I could do. What can I say.

  • Denny Neagle likes heroin junkee laden prostitutes with that Lou Reed look who swallow like a drunken Gay sailor.

  • Anyone who talks sh*t on people, have to seriously get a life. You apparently have nothing better to do.

  • HeyThatWasADude

    Remember when Denny played in Denver.

    Those were the days, huh?

  • Joe

    Haha. He poked your wife.