Throwing it around

One more weekday until we have the season open up. Big sports weekend with the Final Four and then Opening Night on sunday evening. We’ll be doing a liveblog so join us for that if you’d like.

-Huston Street is the Rockies’ closer. Glad we drafted him and not Manny Corpas. [Denver Post]
-Yankees unofficially opened up their new ballpark today. [YES Blog]
-Anibal Sanchez wins the number four starter spot in the Marlins rotation. [Fish Stripes]
-Has Nate Robertson’s time in Detroit ran out? [MLB Trade Rumors]
-Preview of the AL East, and the Yankees aren’t picked. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-Hal Mccoy says no to Sheffield and says he believes Homer Bailey has won a spot in the Reds rotation. [The Real Mccoy]
-The Pirates lost to Manatee Community College today. They’re going to be that bad. [Raise the Jolly Roger]