The Left Fielder

He stands tall out in left
His glove opposite strong hand
Where the dandelions used to grow
The smell of glove oil drifts into your nose as you focus

Read and react to it off the bat
Coming right at you, or is it over your head
Make your break on the ball now
There is no tomorrow if you want to make this play

The pop of the horsehide sphere in your leather
You can hear it in your dreams
You see the diving catch in your head as you sleep
You hear the spectators roar as it awakens you halfway

Raise your left arm in the air
Show them you have it, the pearl buried perfectly in its sheath
The man in blue confirms
Get up for the glorious run you’ve earned

You look at the green grass as you stride
It’s a glorious game your playing, giving the most to those who play it hardest
Rhetoric ‘I love you’s’ every step of the way…..
Don’t lag, you’re leading off the bottom of the inning