How 'Hideous' came about

Hideously Tough
Our buddy Mike (pictured) wants us to tell the world how the word ‘hideous’ came about. We say the word entirely too much. Since we dedicated an entire week to what is hideous in the baseball world, we should at least tell the story.
When we were in college we lived in a frat house. In that frat house every Thursday at lunch sucked ass because it was known as Phi Kappa Psi taco day. For all the football jocks that loved the tacos and the meat, it was great. For the guys who were in season or just trying to remain somewhat balanced in life; groaning and moaning ensued. We’d gather in that moldy, dingy, dungeon that doubled as our basement and kitchen and we’d talk about the night before. Wednesday was the big drinking night at our university (don’t ask, no clue why). Usually by the end of lunch, guys who aren’t hungry are going up for seconds and thirds and shoving jalapeno poppers they don’t want down just so they can sit there and here every drunken, black-out tale.
So one day it becomes clear after swapping stories–that a good friend and I had convinced a young lady to hook up with both of us. There’s moments that we’re not always proud of; and after drinking a bottle of stupid with the young lady and friend like we did on that particular wednesday we admit to some questionable choices. We, however; maintain to this day that she was more sheep then werewolf.
So we tell the story, and get to a point of almost bragging. Our friend Mike chimes in all the sudden with a quote that lives in infamy:
And for the next several years, we defended that she in fact was not hideous. And now for anything that is horrible, bad, brutal, or terrible; we call it hideous. What a great word.