An Exclusive Virtual Tour of New Yankee Stadium

On the day that the Yankees unveil a new patch commemorating their new palace, we present you with one of the first inside looks at the new stadium. This tour comes courtesy of us from Editor George’s roommate (thanks George). Enjoy the photos and a first look at the new gem of all big league ballparks (of course it is).
And in the future this room shall have much champagne sprayed in it. The New York Yankees locker room. What I like about it is the classic Yankee design casing/railing across the top of the lockers. What says Yankee baseball like that design? You look at that, you know you’re in the Bronx. The Yankees did an excellent job of bringing tradition to this new ballpark.
Individual locker set and a better look at that famous railing design from inside old and new Yankee Stadium.

Here is a view of the Yankees team restroom. We’re told is was substantially bigger and fancier then this picture does justice. We believe it.

The Yankees team hot tub. When we first saw a picture of this we thought it was a small team boat parked in the garage somewhere. This could hold ten to twelve Yankees at any given time with a girl for each. Girardi isn’t gonna have that, but still. Only the Bombers know of the secret privileges that come with being a Yankee.
The carpet in the Yankee locker room. This isn’t offered at retail for those interested. I bet it feels very plush on the feet. I’m sure it’s lovely. Looks comfortable. Much finer living then what you’d find in say, the Pirates locker quarters or a team like the Marlins.
This is a look at the Yankee team batting cage. Firsthand accounts say it is much larger then the opposing team batting cage. This is also easy for one to assume. This is where the Bombers will master the manotinous. Where they’ll earn blisters like the old time ballplayers. Where guys will carve out Hall of Fame careers.
It looks like another area in the New Yankee Stadium will have an aspect that made old Yankee Stadium so appealing warm and cozy. Those legendary bleachers out in right field. This is very neat that the Yankees have decided to keep this area in the new park that gave the old stadium so much character.
And the view that the lucky men will see as they enter the field of dreams to do their day jobs. Can you even imagine?
One difference from the old park to the new park is the scoreboard in the wall in right field. This is a more modern-looking dimension of the new park. The old park had no scoreboard in the wall and as you can see the lettering and numerals will be modernized rather then the old flashbulb lights to make a scoreboard.
From this club level view, we think that the new stadium out in left field looks an awful lot like the old stadium again. And that’s what you’d hope for just as a baseball fan. It looks pretty spacious out in the left field corner of the new Yankee palace. We’d expect word to get around the league pretty quickly that balls will kick around down there and turn into doubles and even triples for guys that really motor.
A view of new Yankee Stadium (right) next to old Yankee Stadium (left). One thing worth asking: will the new stadium see 27 World Championships?
Full view of beautiful center field, which will seat people. At the old Yankee Stadium, tarp covered the batter’s eye area and there were no fans allowed to be seated there. All in all, this place really does look like a glossy new version of the old park. The architects did an excellent job. You get what you pay for.
Cool aspect of the new stadium. The date that the park will be ‘born’.
  • Why should any other team bother to hold games in their stadiums after this is finished? It clearly is the only place where baseball should be played in the entire universe. I cant wait to see the Bombers get on the field and get it done, since the past few years havent counted since the bombers decided not to show up.

  • Great idea, all 30 teams, every game, yankMe stadium. Douche.

  • I want to see Yankee Orgies in that hot tub – All Male. Or just let me see A-Rod and Jeter doing it.

  • Where is the beer fridge? Oh thats right, they arent allowed to drink in the clubhouse anymore. It takes a real man not to drink beer, way to go Yankees. What a great thing they have going, that little touch of class will get them that 27th title for sure.

  • Hey where is the steroid cabinet?

  • Why would bother rubbing the plush rug in our faces if we can’t purchase it? Very fucking elitist of you. Looks like I am going to have to find another rug to sit on while I put on an unseemly amount of moisturizer.

  • Actually, the auxiliary scoreboards in left and right-center were a signature of the original Yankee Stadium, and a great touch of nostalgia to those of us who remember them.Now if they could just replicate the giant scoreboard which also wowed us from 1959-1973, but something is better than nothing and I can’t wait to get inside!!

  • Joe

    @Mikey – wait, so any season that they Yankees don’t win the championship it doesn’t count? Perhaps there should only be one team, the Yankees, and they are handed the championship every year.

  • Joe your point is well taken. I will expand upon it by suggesting that the Yankees should just supply each team with their players that way its all Yankees all the time. That would spare us the indignity of watching other franchises try to compete with the might bronx bombers. It would be even sillier now with that wonderful clubhouse they have built which contains the proud tradition of the Bombers.

  • “Much finer living then what you’d find in say, the Pirates locker quarters or a team like the Marlins”Can’t let go of ’03 even now? Jeez…

  • See, this is what I’m talking about! I take a look at this and I see everything that is right about baseball. Why try to upgrade the traditional ballpark when you can just tear it down and build a replica complete with unnecessary amenities funded by the taxpayers? The average fan should absolutely be priced out to make way for corporations and their club seats.I look at a team like the Red Sox who lower their ticket prices during a recession so that families may attend games and laugh. Who wants to see the joy of a middle-to-lower class child seeing his first game in person? Not this guy! Let’s go Yankees!

  • @Mikey: You’re right, why should any team bother to hold games, since the Yanks will win them anyway? Just like they won Games 4,5,6, and 7 in 2004. Oh wait, they didn’t. Just like they didn’t make the playoffs this year, and just like the won’t win the East next year. New Stadiums don’t win Championships, just ask the Pirates (who probably have wonderful carpet as well).A beautiful stadium in every sense of the word. Too bad the Yanks don’t have any class and tore down the Cathedral for this billion dollar monstrosity. It may look like Yankee Stadium, but it’s just a hollow building with no character.Oh, and they won 26 championships in the first one, not 27.

  • Holy crap, were you typing with one hand as you wrote this up? Dork.

  • Jack McKeon-The Pirates locker room is pretty nice, not THIS nice, but nice. Can’t speak for the Marlins-besides being infested with “palmetto bugs”.

  • “This is where the Bombers will master the manotiny.”Someone help this person! Manotiny?!?! Did you graduate from middle school?

  • PNC Park in Pittsburgh will still be better…. the team that occupies it, on the other hand, not so much.And next time someone calls us Steeler fans out for getting all lame over our teams “tradition”, I will kindly point them in the direction of a Yankee fan. You guys are ridiculous with that crap! Seriously, it starts sounding really dorky after awhile guys. I mean, “This is where Hall of Famers (that we outbid their original small market teams for) will be made…” CORNY!!!Besides, I have WAY more respect for what teams like the Rays have been able to do with little or no resources. THAT takes some talent from those that work in the organization. Those are real baseball minds that have to pull something like that off with nothing, from nothing.On the other hand, it’s not really hard to just point at the best free agents available every off-season and say “Throw money at him until he signs with us.” There’s your big dorky nostalgic tradition guys!!Have fun finishing third to the Rays for the next few years in your new, overpriced home guys!! (what recession?) Well, at least until you buy every decent player they have in three or four years.

  • By the way, I’m not a Rays fan, or even a Red Sox fan. Just an unbiased, outside, opinion on the situation.

  • I’m actually not a Yankees fan. A lot of that was said in sarcasm. Notice the tage below ‘evil empires’. I’m a Reds fan. And as a Reds fan there’s nothing that makes you sicker then all this gloss and shine in the Bronx.

  • Mikey you are a complete tooltypical know nothing stankee fan

  • wow does no one know that this is about making money… yea the rays did it last year… i give them their props, but hell if you dont spend money well you wont make money… lets look at the marlins. they grow all their players from the farm system, and dont pay more then 1 million a year, so how many people actuly go to there home games ???? like 100.. AND that includs the players and staff!!! way to make money boys!!! and yea i liked seeing the rays beat the “CRY ME A FCUKING RIVER REDSOX” who i am sure nobody was this mad wen they spent what was it 50 mill just to talk to dis k and then another 50 mill for 5 years… hey cant beat them join them right… so for every one that cries about the yankees buying the best team out there and buying the best players out there and maybe not winning the that ring at the end of the year. but i will tell you one thing i bet every one thinks they have a chance to win it all this year and every one will dish out the money to buy one ticket and see them play cause maybe you will see the next world champs play… so 90% of their home game will be sold out, where as the rays well they almost did not sell out a playoff game… not a hole lot of reanvue there hum… so please just let all face the facts that while the other 29 teams need to cut payroll cause their owners need to but that new g5 jet… the yankees will buy that jet and the team and still make money off of it in the end….

  • Come on, it’s obvious Mikey is joking around.

  • I always see plenty of anti-yankee fans leaving comments on yankee sites and it’s quite funny. They know that for their voice to be heard they have to go to the yankee sites and bash them. The pirates, marlins, padres, rockies, brewers, and the like have nobody posting on them because well, your teams don’t have the history past or present to compete. So yes, drink it in, Yankee Stadium will be the nicest place to witness the best baseball the major leagues have to offer. Suck it.

  • This is insane! The Yankees have had the highest PLORG7X rating since 1993 and they’re still moving into a new stadium like this?!? I agonize over decisions like this, but needless to say, when Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez have a combined BOXZ-3 rating of .338, they’re going to regret it really fast!

  • Yankmees will find some way to BLOW it again this year. Pretty hard to do considering they have 10times the payroll as half the teams in baseball.

  • That gigantic video screen in center field is horrible. Boo.

  • man you guys are really knocking the best team in the league. give me a frickin break. every team owner has an oppurtunity to spend money on the players they want, but they choose not to. secondly, payroll gives you the oppurtunity to get better players not make them perform at a high level. also i agree with the anonymous a few above meSUCK ITDont hate the yankees because of their rich history. as for the fellow who commented who said we outbid small market teams, those team also receive luxury taxes and league sharing, but where is the money going? thats for you to find out. also the redsox got played for paying a team 53 or 51 million dollars just to talk to player whos gonna turn into the next hideo nomo. Finally Arod will be the greatest player ever.Once again SUCK IT

  • Yankee Nation representing. This is classic; it is rich.

  • Madonna banged A-Rod in his A-Hole.

  • I’m still waiting to see what section they put me in this year. I requested right field bleachers and section below bleachers. Usually they send an invoice at the end of December.

  • Rumor has it that there will be beer served in the right field bleachers now. Where as before bleacher creatures didn’t have the option.

  • This looks interesting, I can’t wait to go look at this up close.

  • Now that Moose is gone, maybe you can dust off that champagne that’s been hanging out in the coolers since the 2001 postseason. Thanks, Luis Gonzalez.

  • I kinda wish they changed the design a bit more instead of carbon copying the old stadium.

  • Looks a lot like the Texas Rangers Ballpark on the inside. Actually…the Rangers park looks better. :o) have fun with your quarter billion dollar payroll and STILL MISS THE PLAYOFFS! at least the Rangers know they’re horrible.


  • Looks awesome…Of course, decent tickets will be so insanely expensive that only corporate big-wigs and wall street bankers will be able to afford them.So, in a way, this is just kind of a slap in the face to actual baseball fans like us.

  • @ttn Louis Lipps is my homeboy, How many $$$$$$ did your owner put in his pocket from the profit sharing, and how much did he spend on his team to put a good product on the field? The Yankees paid over $35 Million in ’08 for those small market teams.

  • Of course, one of the greatest appeals of old Yankee Stadium was how close you could be to the action sitting in the front rows of the upper deck, behind home plate…You know, tickets priced for the common man.Now, the first row of the upper deck is farther from home plate than the last row of the old upper deck.You know what happened. The swells have to get their luxury boxes and caviar, while the working man gets the shaft again!Thanks, Hank.

  • baseball is entertainment.would you go to see chubby Paul Giamatti as Batman?Martha Stewart as Laura Croft.The Yankees put the stars on parade.This is the big stage.This is Broadway in the Bronx.

  • yo mikey why dont u just suck all of the yankees cocks in the hot tub….fucking retard the yanks buy all these superstars and still lose….they suck

  • What is the capacity of the new stadium?

  • Yes nothing says Baseball like a BallClub that cheated their way through the 90’s and beyond.Steroid Stadium!!!Hooray!

  • All you yankee fans are STUPID!!!! 1 Billion dollars for this shit its the same as the old one a matter of fact the old one was nicer with all the trim over the outfield walls and how the F#$k do any fans who are sitting on iether side of the centre field thing see the other side of the field because if you are back about 10 to 15 seats your f%$ked…..

  • stop worrying about all the unnecessary details.. they did it… they made it awesome.. now if your a real fan you will just watch the baseball and enjoy the game.. stop worrying about all the emphasis that has been placed on the new stadium.. itss beautiful you have to admit… but what really matters is what happens inside that new stadium.. the ball game.

  • I love watching the yanks get stomped by Cleveland in their new stadium. I guess they can’t buy greatness this year.

  • gotta say there will always be focus and ridicule to the yanks and the fans , and the new stadium,but this is for true whether at home or away they draw,so for you other 29 jealous team fansthink of the revenue to your clubs when they visit..what do your team owners do with the revenue the yankees help generate…..sad sacks

  • I can’t believe some of the comments left on this blog. You’re all a bunch of idiotic cretins who probably didn’t get past the sixth grade. You are not true Yankees because a true Yankee wouldn’t be lowered by some of the language you are using. Do all of us a favor lock yourself in your bedroom and don’t come out for say about 80 years. tku

  • Wow I cant beleive all the attention that is being put on a new stadium. Did everyone forget that it is about the games being played inside the stadium. The thrill, the rush, the excitement, and not only that but for all the kids that look up to this sport. All the negative attention about this beautiful building is really coming off as envy not any type of real concern. Appreciate it, love it, and enjoy it. and if you dont want to go then thats great dont, but dont kill it for everyone else.

  • No mention of the of the ball magnets in right field? What about the utterly ridiculous seat prices that will leave so many Yanker fans out in the street?

  • Redsox forever

    They found the Ortiz jersey in the concrete, but did they find other Redsox players burried in the foundation?