Phillies rise up out of the NL ashes–Advance to World Series

The Phillies have made the World Series. The city is rightfully pumped about this group going to the World Series after making haste of the Los Angeles Dodgers in a series that lasted only 5 games.

I must say, I never thought this group was a World Series team until this series; and I only knew then because Los Angeles just didn’t have enough pitching or hitting. But beyond that, I didn’t think Charlie Manuel would ever be able to get a team over the hump. I remember his days in Cleveland too well. I thought he failed to take more talented teams there to similar heights. Must have been the Cleveland curse. You look at Charlie Manuel. You feel sorry for him (the guy’s mother died). In the end, you’re ultimately happy for him.

In all reality, this team has a very dangerous 1-5 in the lineup. They were the best team in the best division of a think National League. They’ll put up a good Phight fight in the World Series no matter who they play. I can appreciate the passion the Philadelphia fans have for their team. I wish I could be at Citizens Bank Park when the first pitch is thrown there of the series. It will be quite the eclectic atmosphere for a baseball fan in any walk of life.

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