No Jinx Tonight, unless for Brewers

We didn’t jinx the Deal tonight, as he went opposite field off Manny Parra to take the game out of reach for the Brew Crew, in a 6-3 win for the Reds. Bunny Arroyo picks up his 10th win of the season. Bruce extends his streak to 8 games with the two run homer, his tenth of the season.

As part of a previously planned promotion, the Reds sold $5 tickets and $1 hot dogs to try to attract fans. They sold 24,706 tickets to see a fading team.

Prince Fielder lost some composure in the dugout, and it’s the talk of all of baseball tonight. We saw it live on television, as Fielder bitchslapped Parra basically with a double-hand shove to the face, after a shove into the bench.
Honestly to us it looked like Parra was being a punk about being pulled from the game and throwing his pitching jacket and glove around when Fielder got upset. I think Fielder was upset that Parra was complaining and not supporting his teammates. That was our take.