Throwing it around

We’re a week away from All Star Monday in the Bronx. We’re also headed back to work tomorrow after too short of a weekend. Lets see what they’re saying around the baseball blogosphere today:

-More analysis of the Sabathia to the Brewers trade. [Ken Davidoff]
-Chase Utley is ready for the Home Run Derby. [Phillies Nation]
-The selling of Yankee Stadium memoribilia is going to be fast and furious after the season. [Yankees Lohud Blog]
-The Nationals are really busting this season. [Walkoff Walk]
-A-Rod continues to pick Canseco’s sloppy seconds. [Deadspin]
-The Reds are headed to Chicago, a land of steak, Italian, and pizza. [The Real Mccoy]
-What the Indians plan of action should be from here on out. [Bugs & Cranks]
-The week in bobblehead promotions. [Bus Leagues]