Throwing it around

It’s a great sports day this sunday, as we tried to get to the ballpark but couldn’t find anyone to go with us. We won’t hold it against them as not everyone gets mondays off like we do. It’s going to be an awesome day, we just hope that it seems to last as long as a work week day does! Enjoy the bloggages:

-Today is the 3rd time in baseball history that the two league leaders in ERA faced off, in Cliff Lee vs. Edison Volquez. And we could have seen it! [Reds Insider]
-Diamond Back fans would like to see Carlos Quentin back in left field now instead of Eric Byrnes [Arizona Sports Hub]
-Give Jay Bruce a nickname, win a book. We hope our nomination of “The Deal” not only wins but generally holds true for Bruce. [The Bus Leagues]
-In Lance Berkman are we looking at a future Hall of Famer? [Bleacher Report]
-Hot Dogs! Dodger Stadium! Prices! [Farther off the Wall]
-Big win at Shea yesterday for the Mets. [Mets Prospectus]