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Addaway Bobbay!

As you can see the performance on this puppy is really something. (Shaving hair off leg) Any more of these demonstrations and I’m gonna have to start shaving the hair off my ass.

Opening Day, Opening Day, you gave away the Opening day tickets? (Cracks neck slowly)


I remember when Mick wrote this one in ’78, we had a wild party afterward.

-Gil’s Son: Jason Pelligrini says Mick Jagger is gay.

Ya well Jason Pelligrini’s dad takes it up the ass.

Positive things happen to positive thinkers!

JUST WANNA TELL HIM ONE THING. JUST WANNA TELL HIM ONE THING. Don’t swing at anything. Step on the eggshell and squash the bug. Don’t swing at anything. (To Little League Coach) Give him something he’s a kid.