Zambrano's crazy ass will go wild in Windy City for 5 more years

The Cubs made a good decision today as they decided to lock up Carlos Zambrano for 5 more years at $91.25 million dollars.

I like Zambrano because he’s nuts, he’s entertaining, he’s seemingly always fighting an inner struggle with only his own emotions. He’s a basket-case at times but he’s got flat out nasty stuff. He’s also on my fantasy team.

Zambrano started out scuffling, but was on fire through June and July, and won National League Pitcher of the Month honors with a 5-1, 1.38 ERA in July.

“I feel comfortable right now, but it’s not enough. I have a mission to complete. Our team this year, I know that we can win. That’s the main concern right now.”

Cubs fans must be relieved that their best young pitcher is not going anywhere. Imagine if Prior and Wood could have just stayed healthy where this team would be, not to mention if they hadn’t traded away Dontrelle Willis.

Stop the Presses, Big Z signs big deal (Crawly’s Cub Kingdom)