Liveblog: Reds @ Diamondbacks, game 2

9:15 pm- I’m liveblogging the game tonight. This is my first time giving this a shot so we’ll see how it goes. Hoping to get some reds fans on board and some comments. Also hoping that the offense breaks out of the 2 game funk they’ve found themself in. I think Lohse will pitch will, but I saw a stat tonight that he’s just 10-23 over the last 3 seasons on the road (OUCH). As already mentioned, a historical night in the life and career of Josh Hamilton, making his first major league start leading off and in center field for Cincinnati.

9:28 pm- WOW! Now this turns back the clock for me. Holy Dunner! Good read pre-game.

9:38 pm- almost game time. I’m ready for this one. Lets get it done and stay above .500! Maybe Griffey gets #1 or Dunn gets #4 tonight eh? Or Hamilton…..

9:44 pm– Edgar Gonzalez, you just gave up homerun #202 to Adam Dunn, and this one was a monster, majestic blast! (4) on the season for Dunner, and like Thom Brennaman added, that one landed where Bonds hits them! (Only our boy is clean.)

9:51 pm- There’s one out and Kyle Lohse (I played poker with his agent in Vegas) has given up back to back hits. Bear down now Kyle! Eric Byrnes up. Nothing tough here. Get ready for some updates. This lead didn’t seem meant to last. I can see a slugfest tonight.

9:57 pm- Brennaman (my boy) says that Valentin and Lohse are having some continuity problems. I like the start of Valentin tonight over Ross. Ross is really scuffling out there. Sophmore slump?

9:58 pm- Chad Tracy makes us pay dearly on 3-2. Lohse challenged him and just like that it’s 3-1 Arizona. First base was open. Frustrating to me, I would have liked to use the open first base there. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

10:05 pm- Alex Gonzalez is really swinging the bat well right now….and…robbed.

10:14 pm- Not much to say here, other than we need someone to hit other than Dunner.

10:17 pm- Josh Hamilton’s first big league hit, a homerun to tie the game at 3. Very special to see, I am happy. The Natural?

10:22 pm- Phillips adds a homer of his own (my fantasy team smiles). In just the middle of the 3rd, Reds 4 Dbacks 3

10:30 pm- an observing commenter over at Redleg Nation just gave mention to the fact that yes, Josh Hamilton looks like the love-child of Adam Dunn and his ex Austin Kearns. It could be true. Lohse K’s Byrnes again, and strands Hudson after another opposite field double. The Reds hold the lead for an inning!

10:40 pm- Javier Valentin, is a poor man’s Pudge Rodriguez. A very, very poor man’s Pudge Rodriguez.

10:48 pm- The action; of course is fast and furious tonight. Chris Snyder hits a homerun to tie the game at 4. This one is going to be a good old donnybrook.

10:55 pm- As Hamilton pops out, Chris Welsh mentions that former Pirates pitcher Bob Walk didn’t know the Hamilton story in spring training asking, “who is this guy?” Makes one wonder what planet Walk has been living on, especially since he has a baseball job. Then again, with a name like ‘Bob Walk’, don’t question things. After 4 and 1/2, it’s Reds 4 Dbacks 4

11:10 pm- The eyelids are getting heavier here in the midwest. I don’t feel extra innings though on this night. We have to win this one, play aggressive for the win, on the road. Jr: Anytime you want to start producing like a cleanup hitter, feel free.

11:15 pm- Still a tie ballgame, so time for the plug to my girl’s web page she’s been working so diligently on. She begged that somehow I get it on Diamond Hoggers so here you go babe, here’s your spotlight. If anyone wants to check out my wifey’s website, it’s on Autism, which she knows an immense amount about. 1-2-3 for Lohse. Gotta love that. Reds 4 Dbacks 4 after 6 full innings.

11:20 pm- Alright fellas, it’s Edgar Gonzalez. Time to knock this guy out. It’s EDGAR FRIGGIN GONZALEZ. SHIT ON HIM!

11:27pm- Jerry Narron: Too slow of a hook, I’ll say it now. Lohse should not be out there. Plenty of arms in the bullpen. Oh btw, nice sac bunt there Gonzalez, not really.

11:32 pm- Ok I was wrong. Lohse toughs it out and goes 1-2-3 again to end his night. All things considered not a bad outing for our #3. His spot coming up in the batting order. I smell Conine or Freel after the commercial break.

11:40 pm- on comes the only Dback LH Sleighton (sp?). Yeah, good move Melvin, you jerk off. Note to NL Managers: Adam Dunn hits lefties MUCH, MUCH better historically than he has ever hit righties. You better hope Dunner gets himself out here. He’ll make you look like the mellow fool that you are. You built that piece of shit team in Seattle and we remember it.

11:43 pm- Dunn got himself out. Fuck. This game is now heading to the bottom of the 8th and barely 2 hours old! Reds 4 Dbacks 4. I’ve got a sick feeling in my stomach, and it’s not because my boss is heading into town tomorrow. I want a win tonight so I can sleep well and our Reds can rest their heads knowing they are in first place for a night. The Dbacks aren’t good, they’re just a pain in the ass.

11:52 pm- The only thing “Rheal” about Cormier is that he doesn’t always Rheally get it done. With 2 outs and a runner on third here comes Todd Coffey’s fat ass thundering in like a lummix from the bullpen. He overruns the mound as they hand him the ball. That completes my night, I’m just hoping someone gets his “sprint’ or ‘troggle’ out of the ‘pen on YOUtube one
of these days soon. I’m about sick of him running in like a fireman he isn’t, and walking a crucial batter or two and generally being a clusterfuck out there.

11:53 pm- I have no faith in Todd Coffey.

11:55 pm- Coffey comes back to strike out Byrnes (3rd K of night at the plate), and now I’m going to go eat shit.

11:59 pm- Liveblogging really makes you realize quick innings. The Reds couldn’t afford one there, sure enough; Griffey, Encarnacion and Hatteberg tap out 1-2-3 for the lefty Sleighton. Lets send this one to extras! I want bonus baseball.

12:01 am- Conine in at first for Hatteberg, Mike Stanton in at Pitcher. Lets get it done.

12:15 am- The end is near. Stanton gets an out. Saarloos comes in and gets an out. Walks Hairston, and the fat catcher singles. Monterro up.

Monterro pops out to Hamilton in center on the first pitch! Extra innings here we come! Great job Saarloos! Lets go! WHAT A PRESSURE COOKER!

12:25 am- Reds get a couple on (Conine, Hamilton) but Phillips grounds out. That Tony Pena kid on the Diamondbacks looks like a right-handed Francisco Liriano. No shit, he looks like him–in the face. I wanted to see Dunn take some hacks off him, talk about power vs. power. Might not happen now. This could be the end. Reds 4 Dbacks 4, heading to the bottom of 10.

12:29 am- David Weathers of Legendary Hillbillys III fame enters the game, comes in, throws strikes, goes 1-2-3 and leaves. Yeah baby. Dunn, Griffey, Encarnacion coming up in this classic.

12:35 am- Dunn singles with 2 strikes, Griffey works a walk. 1st and 2nd no one down with Edwin Encarnacion up, never a sac bunt in any level of pro baseball. Reds have an excellent shot to win this game. COME ON

12:38 am- Edwin Encarnacion pops out on a 3-1 pitch. He’s popped out and had about 4 absolute shit at bats tonight. Its going to take me a while to forget this one from him. Jeese, I don’t know if this guy can play.

12:46 am- a huge chance goes by the boards for the Redlegs and I am not sure if they deserve this one. David Ross would be outhit by me right now, easily. His confidence is screwed and he’s swinging a sword. Alex Gonzalez had a great 8 pitch at-bat against Juan Cruz who was on his game tonight, but then tapped out to 3rd to end the inning. Hopefully Weathers holds one more inning. At the very least it feels like there are holes in our ship and we’re running out of fingers to plug them with.