Mayor Mark Mallory of Cincinnati, just kill yourself now

I saw it live, me and my friend Justin laughed hard. It was absolutely pathetic. We were talking on the drive back to Columbus about “how could a public figure do that poorly on something?” It’s honestly like, as bad as not being able to carry on a business conversation. Say what you want about George W. Bush, but at least he’s got the coordination to fire a strike right down the heart of the plate when he throws out the first pitch on multiple occasions. You got this guy, Mayor of Cincy, and he misses several feet wide and doesn’t even get it there. Like my friend said, you DO NOT allow someone to throw out a first pitch on opening day nonetheless if they haven’t even picked up a baseball before. That was pathetic. I knew he was in trouble when he was double, triple, and quadruple clutching before the throw. Just throw the ball.

Good old George Grande and Chris Welsh bring you the call of this collection of shit: