Jimmy Dugan: Pimp of the Month

I am a huge fan of Tom Hanks in the movie, “A League of their Own”. Lets face it, girls in general are in a league of their own, because they’re all nuts and sluts! Jimmy Dugan treated all of them like first class whores, and I loved it, ate it up. His character depicted the type of guy that Clint and I fully endorse. Through out the movie he has a nice big sloppy chew in his mouth, and could careless where he spits. At one point, he sprays the league owner’s shoes, and many players’ faces, its all good. To add to his careless demeanor, he is about 1 drink a way from being blacked out while surrounded by 25 horny girls. This is a great life. Some day this fantasy of being a lush, tobacco spitting, pimp will happen to me, well I guess it has minus being a pimp. Madonna, the center field slut (hence her nickname “All-the-way Mae”, has a growler that just craves the cock 24/7. I’m surprised she didn’t pony ride the fat bat boys’ twig. Imagine Jimmy on top giving it to Madonna full force and the tobacco spit dripping down on her face, and she embraces it like holy water, rubbing it all around. That freaky slut.

Another reason I pay tribute to Jimmy is because he got Geena Davis to not only chew tobacco, but like it. I’ve got 2 girls so far to dip, with one of them liking it. Believe me it not an easy task. Getting 1 girl to chew tobacco equals the effort of spitting game to 10 girls and scoring. I would love to hear if any readers out there have any stories about getting girls to chew, I think it is hilarious, please share.

My last girlfriend hated that I dipped and yadda yadda yadda haven’t talked to her since I broke it off a year ago. Sure it’s a gross habit, but there is no reason to cry about it. Girls are nuts! What is it with girls and crying anyway, a great example of an unnecessary display of the waterworks is the famous scene in the movie. This is where the blonde dingbat misses the cut-off man in a crucial part in the game and Jimmy lets her have it. It was the greatest moment in the movie and he deserves an Oscar Award for it. Hey, it’s not easy yelling with a wad of chew in your mouth. One of these days I will pimp it like you Jimmy, salute.