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2013 Detroit Tigers Team Preview


If someone told a Tigers fan that this would be the closing picture to the 2012 Detroit season, they would have been ecstatic.  The  only problem is that this picture is from the ALCS victory, not the World Series.  For the second time in six years, The Tigers were the runner up to a National League club.  For Detroit fans in general, I’m sure it seems like you city has been short on luck the past several years with little hockey, the Pistons and Lions being horrible, and general economic problems.  (Side note:  sometimes it feels like Detroit and Cleveland are in a race to the bottom.)  The Tigers have been a bright spot. Spending plenty of money, signing big free agents, and winning.  But coming up short hurts bad – no one denies this.

So what did Detroit do in the off season do avoid this fate again.

Major Off-Season Moves:

  • Resigned SP Anibal Sanchez
  • Resigned SP Rick Porcello
  • Signed OF Torii Hunter

A lot of people thought the deal that the Tigers gave Sanchez, $80M over 5 years, a steep price to pay for a 4th starter.  But that’s the free market.  The Tigers valued a 4th starter more than other teams valued a number two – because I think that’s what Sanchez can be.  Meanwhile, they filled out the fifth spot by keeping Porcello around.  Then the signed Torii Hunter, who is seemingly ageless.  He’ll be a upgrade over having to play Delmon Young in the OF.

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The Baseball Show: The Miami Marlins are a Barren Wasteland Edition

Last night on The Baseball Show Podcast, co-hosts Mike Rosenbaum and M.J. Lloyd and I discussed the following topics:

-The Marlins/Blue Jays blockbuster trade
-The Toronto Blue Jays chances in the AL East
-Why it sucks to be a Marlins fan
-Giancarlo Stanton’s future in Miami
-What is it like to be a Marlins fan right now?
-The prospects on the way to Toronto via trade
-Torii Hunter leaves Anaheim for Detroit
-Thoughts on all season awards

And as always much more in between!