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2013 Los Angeles Angels Team Preview

I feel like this year’s preview could be copied almost straight from last year with a few name changes.  The Angels went out and signed a big stud hitter for big bucks.  This year – Josh Hamilton, last year – Albert Pujols.  They changed up their pitching staff.  This year – Tommy Hanson and Jason Vargas, last year – CJ Wilson.  So what did it get them last year?  Jack shit.  3rd place in a pretty good division – even though they were playing much better towards the end of the season.  One thing they do have this year, that they didn’t last year: a full season of Mike Trout.

Let’s take a closer look at the Angels.

Major Off-Season Moves:

  • Signed Josh Hamilton to a 5 yr/$125M contract.
  • Acquired SP Jason Vargas from the Mariners.
  • Acquired SP Tommy Hanson from the Braves.
  • Signed SP Joe Blanton.
  • Signed RP Ryan Madson.

The Angles certainly weren’t quiet this off season and pulled another sneak attack when they signed Josh hamilton from rival Texas.  It was seemingly likely the Mariners or Rangers for Hamilton and then the Angels swooped it and gave him exactly what he wanted.  When Arte Moreno sees a shiny toy he wants, he steps up big. They also need to reload their rotation after Zach Greinke left and they jettisoned Ervin Santana.  They grabbed 3 new starting pitchers so they at least got some bodies in there.









Now on to who is going to take the field this year.

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Ryan Madson will have Tommy John Surgery, out for 2012

There’s a pretty good chance that this picture above is the only glimpse you’re ever going to get of Ryan Madson in a Cincinnati Reds jersey–one of those snazzy official home whites, at least.

That’s because yesterday it was announced that Madson would have Tommy John Surgery and miss the entire 2012 season. To say the least, things weren’t all sound inside that right arm of his.

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You can’t miss something you never had. So while I was initially sick at this news, I’m trying to focus on the positives like Marshall, Arredondo, Chapman, Masset, and Bray. And I want to pretend that Madson never happened and was never even one of ‘us’ to begin with.

The Baseball Show Podcast: The Debut of Ask MJ & Other Wayside Stories

Why would an omelet picture highlight a baseball podcast?

Today, on another thrilling edition of The Baseball Show, Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and M.J. Lloyd of Off Base Percentage & Halo Hangout and I discussed the following topics:

-Hall of Fame Voting–Barry Larkin, Jack Morris, Jeff Bagwell, McGwire, etc.
-Thoughts on next year’s potential class and results
-The Reds signing of Ryan Madson
-The Angels extension of Howie Kendrick
-In honor of Dustin Penner’s Pancake Injury, Baseball’s weirdest injuries
-Ask M.J. (Hence the Denver Omelet)

As always, the Baseball Show Posse has a great time and there’s a lot more than just what is listed on the road-map above.

Reds sign Ryan Madson

The Cincinnati Reds are really going to go for the whole enchilada in 2012.

This meant that bringing back closer Francisco Cordero probably wasn’t a viiable option. Tonight they signed closer Ryan Madson to a deal. The Reds are slowly starting to stock the cabinet.

Madson saved 32 games in 34 chances with the Phillies in 2011 and owns a 2.89 ERA over the past five seasons. This is a pretty big signing, since up until late in the evening rumors had the Reds sizing up Kerry Wood or considering bringing back Cordero for another year.

The Reds have a collection of electric arms in both their pen and starting rotation. If they can find someone to play left field on the days that Chris Heisey needs a blow, I think you are looking at the NL Central Champions of 2012.

Reds offering Francisco Cordero one year, not two

Cincinnati Reds MLB.com beat writer Mark Sheldon recently let us know that the Reds are looking at a one year contract with an option year for closer Francisco (Coco) Cordero.

This is what GM Walt Jocketty had to say about it:

“We’re looking at one year or one year with an option,” Jocketty said. “That’s all it could be, right now — one year guaranteed.”

This is positive news depending how you want to look at it. If you’re like me you view Cordero as the guy who probably threw away the Reds season just before the All-Star break in that series in Milwaukee. He’s the guy who is responsible for your late-night obscenities, broken remote controls, and hard returns to your office on Monday mornings.

“Coco” does not discriminate. He can blow any save, on any of the seven calendar days of the week. When your team is firing on all cylinders, he can come out and be up to his absolute worst.

That said, if 2012 is your ‘all-in’ year you’re going to need a dependable arm at the back of the bullpen that can save a lot of games and get the last three tough outs for you while you file away 95 wins in the left column. At this point, I don’t know if Cordero can be that guy but the closer market is thin–Ryan Madson is the only other credible name out there. To have a season of Cordero playing for a contract isn’t entirely bad. The Reds have all the leverage in these negotiations I would think, and they’ll be able to land Cordero for an amount he deserves. If you can save and scrimp on your closer for this season, that’s more money you’ll be able to throw at a left fielder or reserve when the time comes.

If we were betting men, and we are; we would wager that Cordero will be back blowing games for the Reds and being the causation of you breaking your remotes and wanting to kick your pets next summer.

Game 49, 2011: Reds 6, Phillies 3

[Box Score]

[Cincinnati.com] [The Good Phight]

Big, big win for the Reds last night in Philadelphia. It was a win I just had the feeling they were going to go out and get. Somehow, some way, I just sensed that the Reds knew they had to take this one after losing six in a row and before facing Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.

When Jay Bruce doubled off Ryan Madson with the bases juiced and sent all those fraudulent, wannabe tough-guys in Philly to an early exit at Citizens Bank Ballpark I was over-joyed.

Not only is Bruce getting hits that an MVP would get, but he got it off Madson; a guy who has been so tough this year. The thing I noticed about Madson is although he was throwing 95 on the gun, he was leaving pitches up in the zone. Bruce had a rough night against Vance Worley among others but he got a pitch that was up and out over the plate and the Reds winning streak was only something in the history books after one swing that sent a ball off the right-centerfield wall in Philly.

Props go out to Johnny Cueto for battling for six innings, and also to the bullpen guys like Billy Bray and Logan Ondrusek for keeping this game in a 3-3 tie until the Reds could load the bases and win the game.

Top Plays:

Bruce’s huge hit

Drew Stubbs’ gun from center field

Madson mis-plays Stubbs’ bunt

Joey Votto’s leather-work


-The Reds face Roy Halladay on ESPN tonight for the first time since his NLDS no-hitter. I have a funny feeling that the Reds will find a way to win tonight. They might not hang a loss on Halladay, but I think they’ll want to extract some revenge and they’ll come out with a nice gameplan of attack against the man with 18 different pitches.

-Here’s an article on Adam Dunn’s slump. Adam, you’re right. The slump is ridiculous. Thanks for making me look like a rookie in Fantasy Baseball.