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Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine enter the Hall of Fame


This year’s baseball Hall of Fame class really had a special meaning to me. I grew up loving to watch Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and especially Frank Thomas.

On summer night’s a lot like this one, Thomas would fill the box scores I so often would cut out of the morning paper because he homered and drove in five. I remember being in the car with my uncle as a kid and him mentioning to me that ‘there are some people around baseball who think Frank Thomas could end up an all-time great with the start that he’s on’. I came back in amazement with a ‘really’ as most kids do – I had no idea what it took for a player to have Hall of Fame credentials at that point – I just knew that Frank Thomas was my idea of greatness. My uncle came back with some stat about Frank Thomas’ on-base average. This was long before WAR was a thing, and on-base percentage wasn’t viewed as the statistical goldmine it is today.

All these years later, the guys who seemed so great to me as a child and adolescent really were that special. Today is a day to remember them for their unique qualities and attributes.

I could look at the Hall of Fame plaques of each and every Cooperstown member all day long. If you want to see the new inductee plaques, head over to Hardball Talk.

Frank Thomas: First Ballot Hall of Famer?

This is a slightly better background than my 3rd grade picture.













No.  Recently Frank Thomas said he thinks he should be a first ballot hall of famer.  He says that he did things the right way and has done enough to be in the first time.  For reference here is a short list of first ballot hall of famers:  Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron.  The worst player to ever be voted in the first time according the WAR was Lou Brock at 43 career WAR.  Thomas’s is 69.7 which is better than 10-15 first timers.  Of course that is ignoring the massive steroid cloud hanging over everyone who has played in the past 20 years.  I’ve already written that steroids use, especially when speculated, shouldn’t be considered, but it is.  I think Thomas will get in easily.  But he’ll have to wait it out just like most everyone else.