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Matt Wieters to make Major League Debut tonight

There’s a ton of buzz surrounding the new ray of hope who is set to begin a career tonight in Baltimore at Camden Yards. They’re calling it a watershed moment in Orioles history.

Big League Stew wonders if there’s been a debut as big as Wieter’s in recent memory. We remember when it was our turn to be the talk of baseball as far as debuts go, with Jay Bruce going 3 for 3 with the whole nation watching.

If you are a baseball fan, you’re sure to keep your eye on his name in the box score the next few weeks and especially tonight. We expect it to be a slow night for Wieters as he gets adjusted, and it could come against easier pitching as Dontrelle Willis has had things figured out as of late.

We’ll go ahead and say Wieters goes 1 for 4 with single in his last at bat and a couple strikeouts for funsies. We’re happy for Baltimore. They don’t have enough to be excited about and Wieters is going to make them a lot better lineup in the near future.

Matt Wieters is a popular young man these days

A name that is sure to get bigger in 2009; and a name that is being thrown around quite a bit this offseason is Matt Wieters. They’re saying Wieters is a hybrid cross between Mike Piazza and Joe Mauer. He’s got size like Jason Varitek. At 6 foot 5 and 230 pounds he’s a massive target. Wieters is 22 years of age and will be there along with the Uptons, Jay Bruce, Evan Longoria, David Price, and Joba Chamberlain as the guys to carry this game into the next generation.

If the Orioles are smart, they’ll make Wieters move out from behind the plate and extend his career before he has too many knee surgeries or foul tips off his bones. I’ve been saying it for years. It does you no good to have your best hitter on the roster behind the plate. I hate seeing that.

Wieters is going to be the sweetheart pick in many fantasy drafts, so be ready to overpay and snag him early if you want him. Wieters was drafted 5th overall in the 2007 draft, and he’s ascended through the ranks of the minors quickly with good power and average numbers. He’s got a gun as well. I guess he throws a 97 MPH fastball (he was a closer in college). He’s going to throw out a ton of runners. The kid should be fun to watch and give Orioles fans something to show up to the park for.