My First Trip to Dodger Stadium, Part Two

[Part One – My First Trip Dodger Stadium]

This is my second roll of photos, since my original trip post had about 45 pictures in that post. I loved weaseling over by the Dodgers bullpen to get this headline photo of the Estrella Jalisco sign since I see it on TV so much.

I always thought it was cool how at Dodger Stadium they have the California Republic flag flying to the right of the American flag out in center.

Just a look at that centerfield structure that on tv looks ancient and cool but actually contains sound speakers.

Ugh, the pitch clock.

Dave Roberts on the rail.

A look at Dodger Stadium and about how full it was on this night. Attendance was 46,289 it said.

My wife took this picture while I was sneaking down to the restroom. She did pretty well!!

My wife again took this picture. To think that in a few short years, this guy is just going to sign with the Yankees or the Cubs is really hard for me to believe. I think it’s a real shame.

Tommy Lasorda was a special surprise on hand at the ballpark on this night.

Better shot of Tommy Lasorda, whom we already have mentioned we love; he was recently released from the hospital and someone convinced him that he wanted to go back to the park. It even looks like he might actually know he’s at the park here.

A look into the Nationals bullpen, which has been a real collection of stiffs this season.

Look into the away bullpen at Dodger Stadium and some of the cool seats that are in the bullpen.

Orel Hershiser and Joe Davis! I’m pretty sure this is the Vin Scully Press Box.

A look at all the retired numbers, the Fly Emirates foul poul, and particular attention on the microphone for Vin (Scully) all the way to the right hand side.

Just a look at the scoreboard that was above us in section 306 so you can see all the participants for the night at least in the late innings of the game.

This is Dennis Gilbert. My buddy from work and I talk about him; as he’s behind home plate for every single Dodgers game. He’s absolutely always there. I’m going back to the park two more times. I’m going to try to shake his hand and get a picture with my ugly mug.

Cody Bellinger pinch hitting in the ninth inning. My old man and I call him Woody Bellinger.

Look at the look on Boras’ face. Boy I would like to sink my teeth into this one he’s thinking. He probably already has.

And this is the very last photo on the camera roll. This is just before he laces a double into the gap.