Die Hard Fantasy Baseball 2019 Title Ring

Perhaps you recall our last post like this one, when we showed off the 2018 Die Hard Fantasy League ring. It’s a time-honored tradition now – so I will congratulate last year’s winner – and go through the standings.

In 2020, it will be this keeper league’s 10th year of existence. It’s been a tough league, and it’s hard for a fantasy baseball league to survive this long. Think about it, when I began the league, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was just ten years old. His father was still playing an probably owned by someone (I will need to look in the league’s transaction history).

Now here we are, and our 2019 champion was won by a guy in his second year in the league. His team name ‘Try Not to Suck’ definitely lived up to the billing in holding off a challenger in the final weeks.

There’s the hardware from all angles. Already, I have gotten pictures of the 2020 ring, and it’s one I definitely want to win someday.

With the pics of the hardware in the books, here are the standings final from 2019:

Without question, 2020 will be a rebuilding year for me once again. I have to stop trading picks trying to cash in the top three with a team that simply doesn’t have enough guns to win. It’s always hard.

Hopefully by the time Guerrero Jr., Pete Alonso, and Gavin Lux are more household fantasy names; I will have put a team around them that can win the hardware.