Los Angeles Photos Day Two: Viper Room, Sunset Strip, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier

I’ve always wanted to see The Viper Room for this reason; after reading about River Phoenix. My wife and I made the walk down sunset and saw it. It’s headlining this post.

We ate dinner at Santa Monica pier our first night in Los Angeles.

Here’s a look at the parking lot by the pier, which looks like a dead ringer to Grand Theft Auto V, by the way.

The Guard Office and this restaurant look just like in Grand Theft Auto V. I have caused so much trouble here before.

Here’s the famous ferris wheel.

Famous Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier up close.

World Famous Santa Monica Pier everyone.

Here’s the Pacific Ocean.

A look at some of the homes up in the Hollywood Hills, up Laurel Canyon Drive and such.

It’s a hazy day. But I just want to know the story of the people who live up in these hills.

My favorite place we’ve eaten at so far, period.

I LOVED the Griddle Cafe. Our server was a good guy. He told us that the guy who played Babe Ruth in the Sandlot, (his name is Art LaFleur; was just in there days ago. He said Brad and Angelina Jolie were in there not too long ago. He said a number of famous people.

My Red Velvet Pancake which; of all the cool eats I’ve had in Los Angeles, this was the tastiest. No joke.

We headed out on Sunset Boulevard.

This is the Chateau Marmont. One of the Motley Crue band member overdosed here or something. I just can’t remember who, and I will need to look it up.

Side door of the Viper Room.

Snowfall on FX. I cannot wait for this series to begin.

Gibson brand guitars and Tower Records share a building.

My guys Guns and Roses have quite a presence here in Los Angeles, where they got their start; playing on this very Sunset Strip.

I thought the 9000 building on Sunset being painted that way was pretty cool.

My view walking up to the Viper Room.

The famous Whiskey a Go Go.

Just a cool pic of The Sunset strip before we left.

My first shot at Venice Beach.

I did love Venice. Enough that we went back yesterday.

Artwork is everywhere on Venice.

More Venice art, this is by the skate park.

Venice Beach skate park. We talked to some really nice kid who just moved out here from Philadelphia.

A look down a street in Venice that reminded me a lot of Grand Theft Auto V.

A look down Venice, I love the palm trees.

The streets in Venice are often lined with beautiful flowers.