Padres: Fernando Tatis Mania Continues

On the day of the Fernando Tatis Jr. contract extension, MLB Network Radio was wall-to-wall promoting the new face of baseball.

First, Jim Memlo spoke about why this move makes the San Diego Padres the ‘trendy’ team in baseball at the moment. Without question, this was a cool segment.

Next, you hear the San Diego Manager Jayce Tingler talk about Tatis Jr. and why he can do anything on a baseball field. Imagine having a player like this at your disposal from the dugout every day if you’re the skipper.

Now departed reliever Kirby Yates talks about the true belief Tatis Jr. has about his talents and abilities.

Finally, Brad Lidge is extremely high on the 2021 season Tatis Jr. is about to have. While the average is probably a little bullish, I think that Tatis Jr. can have a season that pushes the envelope on a 40-40 on the back of his baseball card.

Without a doubt, it’s nice to just hear MLB Network Radio talk about baseball again. This contract extension news got me to tune into the network a little bit for the first time in a year. For a change, it’s great to not have the topic be about virus, vaccines, racial relations, female coaches, or politics.

For a day it was just about Tatis Jr. and his abilities that got him the extension. I’ll sign up for more of that, and I’m thankful to him for that.