MLB Seems Unlikely To Resume Play Amid COVID-19 Before NBA Does

Who knows when the next time will be that we see Vladdy Jr. and others?

Honestly, it seems unlikely that even with baseball’s plan to resume action with the ‘Grapefruit League’ and ‘Cactus League’, without support of other pro sports leagues like the NBA it seems unlikely.

While we are waiting the storm out, you can check out, but let me try to explain what’s really going on here in pro sports.

First off – the NBA is the lead dog – at least in terms of ‘global’ impact. Additionally, they get a free pass when it comes to the media. For instance, if the NBA decides they never want to play like they are posturing now with games of ‘HORSE’ poorly televised, the media will fail to ever call them out on it. Second, if they were to return to action prematurely and something bad happened, they would still be applauded as heroes by the liberal media.

Another important thing to factor in is that the NBA, commissioner Adam Silver, and many of it’s star athletes (think LeBron James) are ‘progressive’ and left-leaning politically. With President Donald Trump saying he wants teams to get back on the field as soon as possible, they’re naturally going to resist and do the exact opposite.

If one league takes the lead, the rest will follow. Here’s what Colin Cowherd says. The NBA is the key to it all.

Without the NBA taking a step forward – owner Mark Cuban talked about running for president and not the league returning to play on Easter Sunday – I think any other sport giving it a go is a longshot.

Personally, I think it’s ridiculous that the NBA isn’t planning a June 1 return. The risk of these pro athletes is extremely low in terms of mortality, probably about the same as the common influenza. It’s the same risk from a safety standpoint is like driving a car. But as Cowherd says, it helps evolve.

The NBA has been ridiculous so far in waiting for conditions to be ‘perfect’ before resuming play. Furthermore, they’re making it harder for other pro sports who truly desire a return more difficult. I really hate their attitude towards it. At some point we will all be faced with getting back out there before it’s deemed 100 percent safe. The future of the world depends on it, but the simple fact is, we have to resume normal life at some point.

And not all of us will be paid a $7.7 million dollar salary, have access to cutting edge medical resources and professionals like the NBA will when we do it.