Will Leitch Predicts the Next 10 World Series Winners at MLB.com

When I stumbled upon it, I thought that Will Leitch’s article on MLB.com about the next 10 World Series winners was pretty interesting.

Leitch has the Los Angeles Dodgers winning it all in 2022 finally over Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels.

Then in 2025, here’s what Leitch sees.

2024: Blue Jays over Dodgers
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. will be 25 years old in October 2024, right in his prime, and all his fellow “Juniors” — Bo Bichette, Cavan Biggio — will be ready to take over the AL East. (Until the Yankees reload again.) The Dodgers are as likely as any team in the NL, and maybe in baseball, to be competitive every year of this decade. As a frame of reference, by the way: 2024 is the first season the Tigers won’t be paying Miguel Cabrera.

Obviously getting the Dodgers and the Toronto Blue Jays would be Heaven for me in terms of an outcome. Right now, Toronto represents my favorite American League team in the sport. And my love for the Dodgers – who will have already by then won a title – is second to none.

I think the Blue Jays will have a shot around this time. In the years leading up to it, I see a Wildcard or something to that effect. Then, I think they will have a breakthrough year before most of the nucleus leaves town to go play somewhere else.

Leitch writes some good stuff, and while he has his St. Louis Cardinals ending the decade with a World Series win which makes this article in jest; I think he hit on a few things here that could ring true. The bad news is that I think he’s right, the Yankees win at least two titles with Gerrit Cole and the next two years sound likely. Undeniably, I could see the Braves getting in within the next year or two to represent the NL.