Is Carlos Correa rounding into MVP Form?

[Box Score]

Incredible game in the Bronx tonight. It wasn’t that long ago – about 13 months to be exact – that Carlos Correa destroyed the Yankees in a three game series that began last Opening Day 2016.

Tonight, he hit a home run that was so similar to his first of last season. Like last year, it opened scoring and made all the difference in a 3-2 win. He owns Michael Pineda.

Correa really is such a beautiful player when he’s going good. He was going good as a rookie, he heated up a few stretches last season, and in the World Baseball Classic this year; and it appears he’s headed in that direction right now. He added a single up the middle later in the game and played some beautiful defense tonight at Yankee Stadium.

But this one came down to the end with some drama. With Kenny Giles on the bump to close it out after Dallas Keuchel had thrown a gem and Chris Devenski was filth in the 8th to set him up; Giles did as Giles often does, he stepped in a little shit pile.

But fear not. The Astros are a team. A great team. And they get value out of all of their 25 man roster. Enter, Jake Marisnick:

And Marisnick was the dreamcrusher in the Bronx. It was the play of the night in baseball. It was simply that good of a throw.