Ryan Zimmerman has Peaked at age 32

Ryan Zimmerman – who looked old in 2015 and done in 2016 – is suddenly in the midst of a season twice as great as he’s ever had in his life. He’s doing it all at age 32. Since he’s hitting .435 with with 13 homers and 34 RBI, you can’t really call it a season of resurgence.

His best season ever was 2009 (when he was 24 years old), and it was the only All-Star season of his career. Even then, he didn’t crack a .900 OPS; he was at .888 and then .899 the following season. I’ve watched Ryan Zimmerman a long time and I think something doesn’t add up here.

You’ll remember Al Jazeera Network accused Zimmerman of obtaining HGH and other performance enhancing substances not that long ago. They also fingered Peyton Manning – who probably did it – and it just kind of went by the wayside because there wasn’t photos or documentation nor a dirty test to show that Zimmerman did anything.

But where there’s smoke, there’s certainly fire. Zimmerman recently said that ‘baseball is fun again, because it’s easier to play the game when you’re healthier’. And it’s easier to be healthier when you do what? What would make a broken down tin man like Zimmerman regain his health and start hitting like he never has before in his career at age 32? Connect the dots here folks. It’s not the normal progression of baseball athletes.