Bryce Harper is Primed for a Huge Season

The puppy has finally grown into his big ass paws.

Usually on this blog, we’re delivering some type of newsworthy post with a touch of humor. This is an opinion post. A strong opinion.

Bryce Harper is going to have one of those special years in 2017. He announced his presence (and most importantly, health) with a mammoth home run in his first Spring Training at-bat today. It just seemed like that was his message to the league: I’m going to torture you, and I’m gonna torture you good. I’m gonna make you suffer.

Yes, this is going to be one of those years on the back of his baseball cards that shines. A year like 2015 when he won the MVP, when he hit 42 home runs and amassed a .330 average with a 1.1o9 OPS. It’s going to be one of those type of years.

We’ve watched Harper morph from just a kid to now a grown ass man – look at that photo – he means business. He’s got an edge to him. He’s married now. He’s going to be 24. He’s playing for that huge contract the Yankees are going to give to him after 2018, and it’s a foregone conclusion.

It’s also a foregone conclusion that he’s going to be in the thick of the National league MVP race. He’s going to show that the Nationals are not Trea Turner’s Nationals, they’re not Max Scherzer’s Nationals. They’re not anyone’s but Harper’s and Bryce Harper’s alone.

We’re happy to know it. It’s more than just a hunch. Harper is a hard-working kid who loves the game. Sure, he could stand to be less of a billboard for companies and products. Yes, it royally sucks that he wants a contract that will price him out of the team’s uniform who drafted him, jumping ship to baseball’s evil empire. But it’s probably good for the sport that he’s about to reclaim it in 2017.

Sure as the sun rises, it’s going to happen.