Brawl in San Diego: Carlos Quentin is bigger than Zack Greinke

Dodgers Brawl 4.11.2013

Update:  Zack Greinke indeed broke his left collarbone and will be out 6-8 weeks.  That is brutal.  and Matt Kemp still isn’t happy.  Should be very interesting when they meet again on Monday in LA.  See tweet below.

Dodgers Brawl3 4.11.2013

In the bottom of the sixth inning on a full count, Zack Greinke came up and in on Carlos Quentin and plunked him on the shoulder.  This was enough to send Carlos Quentin, first walking and then sprinting out to tackle Greinke.  Quentin has about 50 lbs on Greinke and slammed into him at close to full speed.  The brawl was of the benches clearing, bull pen clearing variety and was definitely heated.  Earlier Jason Marquis sent a fastball near Matt Kemp’s head and the Greinke pitch probably wasn’t pay back though with a full count and two on.  The brawl cooled down and then it started back up again when this happened.

Dodgers Brawl2 4.11.2013

Matt Kemp (I think?) was still pissed and ran across from the Dodgers dugout and the fray started all over again.  The biggest news is that Greinke had to leave the game with an apparent injury.  That will happen when your shoulder slams into someone much bigger than you.  Hopefully for the Dodgers he’s not out for long.  GIF of the main collision below.