World Series: Washington Nationals Win First Title Over Houston Astros in Game Seven

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Finally, the Washington Nationals have their title. While they entered the 2019 MLB playoffs without a single playoff series won, all the demons are exorcised now. They climbed out of a 2-0 hole to win game seven on Wednesday night at Minute Maid Park in Houston, the site where they will have forever won four games in a World Series.

The Most Valuable Player of the 2019 World Series was Stephen Strasburg, who was an absolute bull. It could have went to Juan Soto, or Anthony Rendon. But Strasburg set the tone the entire postseason. Furthermore, he’s the first number one overall pick to win a World Series MVP for the team that drafted him.

For me, this will always be the postseason that Juan Soto proved his greatness. Not sure it ever gets better than this for Soto, who OPS’d over a .900 clip with five home runs in his first run through the playoffs.

Surely, if Anthony Rendon is done as a National; his legacy is secured. Zack Greinke looked un-hittable opposing Max Scherzer. Then, Rendon homered into the Crawford boxes to make it 2-1. A few hitters later, Howie Kendrick hit a two-run home run off Will Harris; and it was a pitcher’s pitch.

From there, Adam Eaton and Soto played a little add-on. It would be all the Nationals needed to secure their first championship as a franchise.

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Final Thoughts

These are my final thoughts as another year in baseball closes out.

  • Gerrit Cole’s last moments in the Astros organization were… strange.
  • I got to watch all these games with my dad, and it could be the last World Series I ever watch with him. It was entertaining.
  • The turning point of the series was Juan Soto homering off Justin Verlander.
  • Scherzer gave up plenty of glancing blows and hits in every inning. While you could tell he wasn’t 100 percent, he gutted it out and somehow kept the Nationals in the game. I never really felt like they were completely out of it.

Now, another year in baseball is in the books and a long winter awaits. When we emerge, we will cover this game harder than ever. I’m going to miss baseball this year – it got me through a lot of tough times – and in some ways the toughest year of my life.

Already, I can’t wait for 2020.