Vin Scully is better than Ambien


And I’ve honestly never taken an Ambien. But is there a better way to unwind from a long and stressful day of real life then laying in your living room with the lights off, letting good ol’ Vin take you to dreamland?

My friend said it best via text the other night – I could listen to Vin Scully read my the telephone book.

There are few guys who you wish could just live on forever, doing what they’re masterful at forever. And we’re not talking about Tommy Lasorda; as enjoyable as he’s been at times. Scully provides you with the backdrop of every player, including the hardships his parents endured in Cuba. He eloquently educates the viewer as if it were their very first baseball game. The guy shows up ready to work every day more reliably than a Breitling brand watch.

Like the recently passed on Pat Summerall, Vin Scully is the greatest of all-time. I listen to him better than I listen to my own wife. When Vin Scully turns that microphone off for the last time we’ll be crying like a tear duct is blocked.