White Sox: Watch Luis Robert’s Physical Talent Manufacture a Run

Without question, Luis Robert is as off-the-charts physically as anyone we can remember since this blog has been going.

Therefore, when he showcased all of his skills in his first plate appearance and trip around the bases in the 2021 regular season in Anaheim, it was simply foreshadowing of what’s to come.

First, Robert rips a double off Angels’ ace Dylan Bundy. Bundy simply left a 93 MPH fastball in the part of the plate you cannot to the guy affectionately known as ‘Lou Bob’. This results in a rocket double down the left field line.

Next, Robert steals third just for the hell of it. Remember, he stole six bases aggressively in Spring Training.

Finally, Bundy does another thing he should not in throwing a breaking ball in the dirt that resulted in a wild pitch and Robert taking home for the White Sox’ first run of the 2021 season.

Unfortunately the White Sox blew this lead late with a defensive miscue and a huge Mike Trout hit that tied the game. While they’re supremely talented, these are the kind of losses that a young team learning to win must endure. Moreover, these things happen on West Coast trips in a different environment to begin a season.

As the summer goes on, the posts will pile up on Luis Robert on this site. He’s a massively talented physical specimen that you can’t get up and go grab a slice of pizza if he’s at the plate or on the bases. All the while, he’s playing stellar defense in centerfield.

You want to manufacture new fans of the sport? Show them Luis Robert. If they’re still not interested, it’s a lost cause.