Clayton Kershaw will start Dodgers’ record 7th Opening Day

On April 3rd at 4:10 PM ET, Clayton Kershaw will take the mound against the San Diego Padres on Opening Day. This will be Kershaw’s 7th Opening Day Start, which is a Dodgers record.

This report comes from Ken Gurnick of, and certainly is a sign that Dodgers manager Dave Roberts feels that Kershaw’s back is fully healed.

And on another point, it’s a real bummer that Dodgers game takes place at 4:10 PM ET. That’s like, prime pick-the-kids-up and feed them dinner, and give them a bath hour. I realize for the people of Los Angeles, it gives them a nice little Opening Day afternoon; but I really want to see this game and have it be at night. It would be the perfect ending to Opening Day.

I’ll have to devise another plan if I want to see it.