It’s Home Run Derby Time

Chris Berman

The Home Run Derby. The one remaining time in the baseball season where Baseball and Berman converge.

For one night and one night only, baseball fans are treated to a few hours filled of Chris Berman and his over-used puns and soliloquies. He’ll say stupid shit that couldn’t possibly ever become recycled material. There will be awkward moments. That’s because Chris Berman is past his prime.

But there’s something very traditional about it all, you see. Because since we were all kids Berman has been the emcee for the spectacle that is the Home Run Derby. There is only one guarantee: you’re going to see some moonshots that aren’t human flying out of the yard later tonight. No matter who is providing the commentary, it’s still cool.

Tonight the headliners in our mind are Bryce Harper and Chris Davis. That’s when you don’t want to go to the bathroom. But we want to go on record right now as saying look out for the darkhorse in this competition, Pedro Alvarez. We have a feeling about him. He’ll be hitting with his ears tucked into his hat. It might just be the year of the bull, “El Toro”.

We love the Home Run Derby here at Diamond Hoggers so much that it’s like a damn holiday.

Ah, sweet memories.