Another Reds vs. Cardinals Battle This Weekend


Over the course of my lifetime, especially in recent times; the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds have had some series battles that were absolutely incredible. This is one of the most underrated rivalries in the entire sport – and when these two shades of red converge – you see some of the finest quality of play that can be produced.

There have been so many classic battles between these two teams that you begin to let the history all bleed into one. You don’t remember a lot of series game by game, but you remember the big moments. The Reds have won a few rounds in this 12-round fight, but they’re yet to really land the knockout punch on the Cardinals, even in their age of resurgence since 2010.

The Reds enter the weekend a full three games behind the Cardinals. They’re battered and bruised, and they need to take two of three games from the division leading Redbirds, there’s no more simpler math. Anything less, and the Reds are going to start the slide in this race.

This will be another chapter in the never ending story; a battle that is sure to still be raging as a 100-year plus war when my son is my age. And this weekend will have it’s tense moments. It’s the only guarantee. There’s nothing like a Reds/Cardinals weekend series. It even culminates with a Sunday Night Baseball match-up, which you have to love if you’re a Queen City resident.

So light the grill, drink a few extra Budweiser’s, and get in the fast lane grandma. The bingo game is about to start. And if the Reds lose God help them because the Covington, Kentucky natives will be out in full force with their pitch forks on their porch, twelve beers deep and calling the 700 WLW phone lines after the loss.

We’ve got to make our move right now. It’s getting late awfully early.