These guys are Awesome

Yesterday was pretty much the ideal 4th of July, other than I had to return to work today. And I didn’t have even a drop of alcohol.

One of the things that made it perfect was there was baseball on starting at 11:00 AM ET in the nation’s capital. Bryce Harper, Mike Morse, Ryan Zimmerman (all fantasy teamers of mine) were destroying Madison Bumgarner (fantasy teamer I cut prematurely last season) during the brunch hour.

The monster that is Mike Morse took a destroyed Mad Bum fastball out backside. Washington ended up winning the game 9-4, which was Washington’s third straight victory. Because the game started at 11:00, by the time it ended there was still an entire day to enjoy the holiday and the 95 degree heat. I’m a proponent of more 11:00 AM start times on weekends and holidays.

Not sure what made baseball’s schedule makers get creative and try this yesterday, but I loved it. Along with Washington kicking off my 4th of July on the right note, I’m loving their young nucleus along with red-assed Davey.

Long live the Nationals!