Bryce Harper is the youngest position player in All Star Game history

Harper posted .282/.354/.472 for his first tour of duty in the big leagues.

The accolades continue to pile up, and when Bryce Harper replaced Giancarlo Stanton on the National League’s All Star roster over the weekend, he became the youngest position player in Major League history to be selected to the midsummer classic.

That was the news, and now we’ll give you our take on Harper being selected to the game.

On the way into work today, ESPN radio had Hall of Famer George Brett on the air as well as future Hall of Famer Pudge Rodriguez. When both were asked which player around baseball they most enjoyed watching, they both responded by saying none other than Bryce Harper.

They, like the ham and eggers, get it. The people who care most where the game is headed take the most interest in Bryce Harper. You root or him. You respect what he stands for.

He’s an ambassador of the product I care deeply about. Had he not shown up and been the real deal, baseball might be in a completely different place in 20 years. Now, we have to worry less about it. Harper has us covered much in the same way that Jordan had the NBA covered.

For him to be an All Star in his rookie year is not so much about the numbers but a symbolic passing of the torch from one generation to the next. It’s good for baseball. And there’s no debate for those that ‘get it’.