The Baseball Show welcomes MTD from Off Base Percentage

Today on The Baseball Show Mike Rosenbaum from The Golden Sombrero and I welcomed our good friend MTD from Off Base Percentage and Monkeys Throwing Darts. Today’s show was an absolute blast.

Topics for discussion include but are not limited to the following:

  • MTD’s baseball blog Off Base Percentage
  • His following the Anaheim Angels
  • Edinson Volquez electing a short term contract with the Cincinnati Reds
  • The Albert Pujols contract extension
  • Will Angels ‘prospect’ Brandon Wood ever pan out?
  • We talk about Bo Jackson
  • Rob Neyer’s move from the SweetSpot Network to SB Nation
  • Who are the most frequently read baseball bloggers?
  • The sponsoring of a Baseball-Reference Page
  • We give some discussion time to Eric Chavez, Francisco Rodriguez, Nick Markakis, Johnny Cueto, and many more players

It was the longest show in the history of The Baseball Show, so obviously there’s a lot more to enjoy.