The Baseball Show: Hot Stove Moves, Top 50 Prospects List, Bryce Harpers collectability, etc.

Pardon my creativity. We talk about Frank Francisco for about 30 seconds on today’s edition of The Baseball Show joined by co-host Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero; but I guess a picture really does say a thousand words in certain situations. Like certain situations when you’re a Major League bullpen pitcher and a fight (with fans) breaks out, calms down, and you decide to start tossing chairs into the spectators area. I had to get this onto the blog somehow and this was my lucky chance.

More relevant topics discussed on today’s show:

-Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon to the Rays

-The Mike Napoli for Vernon Wells trade

-Thoughts on the Kansas City Royals system; Micah Owings back to the DBacks as a hitter/pitcher

-Thoughts on the recently released Top 50 Prospects list.

-Why do baseball fans love prospects?

– A look into the collector corner; Mike talks about the value of Stephen Strasburg & Bryce Harper rookies cards as well as other top prospect rookie cards.