Manny Ramirez shoots down Dodgers (again) over deferments

The word is that Manny Ramirez has turned down the Dodgers once again. People in Los Angeles are actually starting to side with Ramirez on this, painting the Dodgers to look like the bad guy due to the fact that it leaked the Dodgers were offering deferred money (2 years, $45 million) instead of the money straight up, which Ramirez reportedly would have accepted.

Wait a second people. You’re going to side with Manny on this? If you are, shame on you. During these tough economic times if Ramirez can really turn down that kind of money with all of the money he’s already got to go and play for a team that was a contender last season; then he’s a first class fuck-shot. It’s becoming rather clear that Ramirez doesn’t really even want to play baseball anymore. If he could make this much at any other craft he’d be doing it. It’s not about winning for him anymore, it’s not about fame, it isn’t even about him adding to his personal stats. It’s just about the money.

It’s easy to see that whoever winds up paying him the Manny Money he demands is gonna get a guy who shows up and decides to hit when he wants, not when your franchise needs it most.