Dodgers sign Manny to a 2-year, $45 million dollar deal

To us it’s not very big or shocking news. But it should be mentioned that Manny Ramirez’s camp caved and agreed to terms on the Dodgers original offer. We say it’s not shocking because we knew Manny would agree to go and hit for the highest bidder. He’s too greedy to sit out an entire season.

So Manny will be doing his thing out in ‘MannyWood’ for two more years. One thing we’d like to say is that if healthy, and if his head is right; he might be one of the closest things to being worth the money there is in the sport. You are paying a premium for the way the guy hits and he hit almost .400 in Dodger blue last season.

Now you will not hear about the Dodgers all season unless it is about Ramirez. When the talk should be about younger up and coming players like James Loney or Chad Billingsley, it’s gonna be about Manny being Manny. Congratulations.