A Story involving Will the Thrill

Will Clark definitely takes us back to our boyhood years. When we first fell in love with teh game of baseball, Clark was still a very good ballplayer and the face of the San Francisco Giants. In fact, the neighbor boy wouldn’t trade us a couple of Clark’s cards he owned for the world, even though it only booked in Beckett for 5 cents the stubborn prick wouldn’t budge. We understand. Afterall, Will Clark was baseball’s version of Clint Eastwood.

We enjoyed this story on Deadspin.com about Will Clark, but we didn’t like how he treated one of our favorite writers, Jeff Pearlman. Pearlman wrote the piece about John Rocker a few years ago; he wrote a book about Bonds too, but the reason we love Pearlman is because he wrote The Bad Guys Won! which is our all-time favorite piece of writing.

We love stories about athletes not towing the company line and this fits the bill. We’re also proud of Jeff Pearlman for standing up to Will ‘The Thrill’ and telling him he was a real horse’s ass.