No, I'm not firing ya. I'm FIRING YA!

Today is the best day for me as a Reds fan in the past 5 years. That includes me being at the game when Adam Dunn hit a walkoff grand slam off Bob Wickman, and the day that old Bob Boone got the axe. There’s been a lot of good days. But today; today is really special.

The Reds fired that incompetent fuck Wayne Krivsky.

Wayne, if you’re reading this: (and I know you are because what else do you have to do with your time now that you can’t build shitty teams and take chances on big league wash-outs) I want you to know that your fucking charade you pulled the last couple years with my favorite big league organization was horse-shit. You never deserved the job to begin with, because doing jack-shit in Minnesota (not a real baseball town) doesn’t mean you get to come and play house in Cincinnati. A monkey at the controls would have done as much as you Wayne, and been able to fuck up less.

The save the open-ended letter to Krivsky by saying this: I knew this day was coming for a long time. Unlike most baseball blogs, we will also provide a little scoop for you. Per one of our sources:

WK was fired b/c he is a huge, giant, unbelieveable A-Hole. People working under him chafed, those above him did not like his attitude, and the media hates him b/c he is more tight lipped than dick cheney and basically hates them too.

Jocketty was to be the ‘quality control guy’, but clearly there was going to be a shifting of power in the coming months or year. WK did not much appreciate this, which in turn mad ehim even more sour to work with/for. Anyway, I was never told that WK was gone, per se, but that Jocketty would be the buffer between owner and gm, b/c simply put, the owner thought WK was an arse. At some point, unless you get overwhelming results, you will reap what you sow. As the results from WK are mixed — all sides should be able to admit that — his leeway grew shorter. I do not know if a specific incident sparked this (I suspect so), but I can state with 99%certainty that if WK weren’t such a jerk he would have had quite a bit longer to get some better results.

Enjoy the job market, Wayne. Hope you studied well because you’ll never be in a Major League Baseball front office again. Oh what’s that? You don’t ever have to work again if you don’t want? That’s fine, you been here 3+ years and haven’t worked. Fucko.