Heet ball far. Run reel hard. Me win game. Uba uba uba

Someone else has earned a new nickname (other than piece of shit). And you know what else? Someone is back in the circle of trust. That’s right.

Edwin Encarnacion had about the worst game you could possibly have up until the bottom of the 9th inning tonight. He fired a ball from third base all the way to Louisville, which allowed the Diamondbacks to take the lead after a Brandon Phillips home run gave the Reds the lead. Encarnacion then came up his next at-bat and watched three strikes pass by and then took a seat on the Reds bench. It was an at-bat you’d see an adolescent have in his early playing days. Then numbnuts came up in the 9th inning after Phillips and Dunn singles with no one out against Dbacks closer Brandon Lyon; and Dusty Baker asks him to bunt the runners over. Encarnacion generally looked like a dipshit on not one but two attempts. Then it happened. He became the Nasty One.

/Dominican roll of the tongue

Hommmme Runnnnn.