A Rumor about Jay Bruce

Now, this is simply a rumor that I heard from a source who is connected. I personally do not believe the rumor to have any legs, and I don’t feel anything will come of it; but I feel like it should be up on the blog should something extremely strange happen. If you’re a rumor monger and it’s not too early for you to hear MLB trade rumors then by all means read on.

I received the following email from a colleague tonight:

Email subject: Jay Bruce

It’s great to have baseball again, isn’t it?? A customer of mine (who is in the know) – told me that Jay (Bruce) may be traded (this was a couple weeks ago) joe

Now I don’t think it’s going to go down for a few reasons. Let me explain:
1) The Reds just unloaded Josh Hamilton in the offseason.
2) Bruce is probably the heir aparent when Ken Griffey Jr. moves on most likely after this season.
3) Adam Dunn is only under contract until the end of the year and I’m starting to have doubts whether or not the Reds will extend his contract.
4) Who in the world would be tradeable for Jay Bruce, the #1 prospect in baseball? It’d have to be a 5-star prospect plus a proven #1 who is Major League ready at this point.
5) The Reds have already stockpiled young arms for the rotation. There’s no point in trading a future offensive centerpiece to get more.
6) Jay Bruce was the deal-breaker in offseason deals that involved at least talks with the A’s and Orioles (Bedard & Blanton).
7) Wayne Krivsky can’t possibly be this stupid can he? He’s not a stupid piece of shit. No.

Plus now that Bruce has been rated as a 50% chance at being a Hall of Fame player, well that isn’t the type of guy you wanna just give up before he even puts on your team’s uniform is it?