Throwing it around

‘Another saturday night and I ain’t got no-boday’…. how’s that song go? No worries. It gives us time to get caught up on Throwing it around, and see what is going on around the league.

-Derek Jeter says he’ll play shortstop for as long as he possibly can. [New York Daily News]
-The Milwaukee Brewers are talking extension with Ryan Braun; why are they not talking extension with Prince Fielder? [MLB Trade Rumors]
-In case you haven’t heard, Barry Bonds is considering playing baseball in Japan this season, is he serious? [Larry Brown Sports]
-Little David Eckstein is a Toronto Blue Jay. I know this because I read Deadspin’s baseball season previews. [Deadspin]
-The Toronto Blue Jay’s top 5 home runs of 2007. [The Mockingbird]
-Yahoo! is sending their head baseball blogger to spring training. Oh the lovely life for some. [Yahoo! Big League Stew]
-Sandy Koufax visited Mets spring training today. [MetsBlog]
-The young guns of the AL West [The Baseball Analysts]