Throwing it around

It’s only tuesday but hump-day is on the horizon. We’ve been spending our workdays dreaming of spring saturdays at the ballpark; and it’s not that far off. Everyone is in training camp now, and the ‘games’ are coming in which we’ll finally have something to talk about other than you know, steroids and court cases.

-C. Trent Rosecrans gives us an anecdote about Adam Dunn hazing rookie Jay Bruce. Dunner is always up to no good. [C. Trent Rosecrans]
-There’s no long-term contract on the horizon for Prince Fielder in the near future, despite the owner anouncing that he’s not going anywhere. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
-Phil Hughes has a blog. [Bugs and Cranks]
-Hoping Felix Hernandez does a bit better, but if he pulls off these numbers I can live with it. [Roto Professor]
-Bartolo Colon doesn’t look that bad. [Y! Big League Stew]
-And for you baseball fan hornballs, Jamie Kotsay’s modeling pics. [UmpBump]