Always interesting in the Bronx

A few items of interest going on with America’s Yankees right now. They’re involved in the biggest series of the weekend quite possibly, opening up last night with an 8-5 victory. I don’t know who to pull for in this series. I want the Indians to just sweep the D-Rays and the Yankees and Tigers to batter the hell out of themselves. It’s just a tough call to make.

Gary Sheffield is trying to run things again
This guy is really on a rampage. Last night he opened his mouth again about Joe Torre and the Yankees.

“[Leyland] is real,” Sheffield said. “That’s all there is to it. You get it both ways. You get the positive and the negative, and he’s real about both sides.”

On whether or not he considered playing for the Yankees this season:

“They wanted me back, it was my choice to leave,” said Sheffield, whom the Yankees traded to the Tigers after picking up his option for 2007. “Like I said before, I wasn’t willing to play first base for one year. I could have stayed for one year, but I wasn’t willing to do that.”

But could he have continued playing for Torre?
“I don’t play for the manager,” Sheffield said.

Yanks and A-Rod drama continues; latest move in the game of poker: Yanks won’t chase slugger if he opts out of NY.
Brian Cashman made the statement saying that the Yankees can’t possibly pursue Alex Rodriguez if he opts out of his current deal for more money. If he does this, the greed level of Rodriguez is just through the roof. Aside from that, I can see why he’s thinking about it if he is. The fans of New York treated him like he was lower then dogshit for about 2 seasons. This year, everything he’s touched has turned to gold. The Yankees can win without A-Rod, there is no doubt about that. If he leaves, let him go and use that money to get some young talent in there and re-tool for the next championship.

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