We must note A-Rod's impressive, but regular season

We have to admit, it’s been one hell of a season for Alex Rodriguez. With the Yankees just 4+ games behind the Cleveland Indians in the wild card race, it would seem likely that the Yankees find a way to get in the playoffs and see if A-Rod can continue his magic into the postseason. He’s at 100 RBI as of 2 games ago, but has come under some recent criticism by our good friend Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News.

Cobra Brigade says that if Rodriguez can add .20 more points to his batting average by season’s end, he’ll become the first player since Carl Yazsstremski of the Red Sox to win the Triple Crown. We take triple crown talk with a grain of salt around here, we’ve just been around too long and seen too many guys fail. Still, A-Rod has a chance and with the season he is having, he has the homerun and RBI crowns locked up. The question remains: will Magglio Ordonez and Ichiro Suzuki falter enough to allow A-Rod to catch up? Also, if the Yankees can sneak into the playoffs, and we feel that they will, will Rodriguez finally deliver?

Even at 100 RBI, A-Rod yet to earn his stripes. (NY Daily News)
Could A-Rod win the Triple Crown? (Cobra Brigade)