More on our favorite .193 hitting catcher!

Remember when we roasted David Ross? Well there’s more…just a bit more. We find this funny, and I vow if he can end up hitting .230 on the season I’ll even delete this post, but if not I guess it’s just more for wifey to stumble upon. Here’s an anonymous tip from one of our readers after reading our initial roast of D. Rossy:

He has actually already made our site late last summer. Hanging out with Arroyo
clearly has been rubbing off on sweet little married David. He wife is
suppossed to be really nice to which I guess makes his alleged behavior
suck even more. Apparently one evening, he and Arroyo met some girls and brought
them back to the hotel. We can only assume what Bronson did with his lady,
however we know for a fact that Ross had sex with his girl. Unfortunately for
him, it only lasted for a few minutes at most. He apologized for his inability
to last by telling the girl that he doesn’t cheat on his wife “all that often”
so he got a little overexcited and could hold out for very long. That’s pretty
much all that we have ever heard about him but we’ll keep looking. Thanks
for the info. The reds have quite a following on our board so we would love
any extra info you guys hear about them. We’ll keep you posted if we hear
anything else about Ross or any of your other boys.

So, there you have it. David doesn’t hit in the clutch, he doesn’t hit at all. Sucks for you Davey.