Corey Seager Returns

The Dodgers won an easy one tonight, 6-2 in Anaheim to complete the freeway series. Clayton Kershaw did his thing and dominated as usual.

We freaked out last Friday when Corey Seager went down with injury. It was diagnosed as a ‘cramp’ on the telecast. They said he was fine. We knew better.

What sucked about it was the run of weak right-handed pitchers the Dodgers faced while Seager was down. He was looking in dominating form before he got hurt. He came back tonight and went 0 for 4 with a couple strikeouts. He didn’t look right. It wasn’t great to see.

Seager is slated to sit tomorrow. Because players nowadays just sit all the damn time. Seager was rested the game before he got hurt. Dave Roberts is just content to salt guys seasons away really like all other managers. This has become an acceptable practice.

It’s good to see Seager back on the field. There’s no one we enjoy watching more. And hopefully he edges out Cozart to start in the All Star Game. We cast some fraudulent votes for his case tonight, that’s for sure.

Get healed, and get hot again kid.